St. Mary School Walk-a-Thon

Gather your friends, family and coworkers, and join us for the St. Mary School Walk-a-Thon!

St. Mary School’s 12th Annual Walk-a-Thon Monday Nov 23rd - Sunday Nov 29.

Get your walking shoes on, gather your family, and walk to raise money for

St. Mary School in its 150th year!!!


St. Mary School Annual Walk-a-Thon is brought to you by The Mother’s Guild of St. Mary.  We play an essential role in providing annual scholarships and support for new families.  Mother’s Guild as well as Men’s Club, also provide a substantial annual contribution to the school for critical projects essential to the schools function.  As Men’s Club is unable to host the Fall Spaghetti Dinner, this year’s Walk-a-Thon will be the only Fall fundraiser to support these critical projects and we need your support and participation for this event now more than ever!



This year things will look and feel a little different, but our goal of raising money for St. Mary School and boosting awareness of the importance of physical fitness and good nutrition are still the same!  Instead of students alone being asked to gather pledges from their family, friends, doctors, neighbors, delivery persons and more, then walk to raise money for St. Mary… this year we are asking each of our St. Mary Families as a whole to do this together.



Typically Thanksgiving is a time to gather together and share an abundance of food, while giving thanks for all of the blessings in our life.  This year we ask you spend some time giving thanks for the school and community we call home and for the bodies we have been given by walking together to support the St. Mary School 12th Annual Walk-a-Thon.


Our Fundraising Goal:




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— Henry Van Dyke
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